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“Ravaged by drugs”? Let’s spread facts, not fear; science, not stigma

27th March 2014

Scheduling clash: revisiting ketamine (and legislation) harms

10th December 2013

“Think cannabis is harmless?” No. Does anyone? But what about propagating drug hysteria? Is that harmless?

24th October 2013

The Government’s proposal to curb drug-driving is a car-crash

17th September 2013

Uruguay is set to legalise cannabis. Should we celebrate?

1st August 2013

The Dustbin of Schedule 1: How Schedule 1 control may stifle medical advances

23rd January 2013

Time for a second opinion? Where we are going wrong on ‘Legal Highs’

14th January 2013

Drugs Live: the facts behind the programme

4th October 2012

Smoke without fire? Scaremongering by the British Lung Foundation over cannabis vs tobacco

11th June 2012

Popular intoxicants – how do alcohol and cannabis compare?

29th September 2011

Addiction: a life long illness not lifestyle choice

28th February 2011

Necessity or nastiness? The hidden law denying cannabis for medicinal use

20th December 2010

Crutch or cure? The realities of methadone treatment

9th June 2010

Alcohol – the new opium of the masses?

3rd June 2010

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