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Taking the principle of medicinal cannabis to practical implementation

5th February 2019

Medicinal cannabis is now legal in the UK, though many barriers remain to its implementation. The DrugScience Symposium discussed paths forward to facilitate patient access and data collection for scientific research.

Class A is no solution to the problem of 'monkey dust'

18th August 2018

In response to rising concern over 'monkey dust', David Nutt calls for expanded drug safety testing and a frank discussion on the roles of the UK's classification system compared to drug harms

Addiction: from basic neuroscience to clinical treatments

6th May 2018

A chapter by David Nutt aimed at sixth formers discussing the mechanisms and treatment options for a wide range of drug addictions and dependencies

A fentanyl future?

2nd August 2017

Fentanyl has made landfall in the UK and deaths are rapidly occuring. What can be done to prevent a US-size opioid crisis?

THCv - an abject cop-out from the ACMD, another research opportunity for the UK lost

24th January 2017

The ACMD has voted to keep THCv, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with a promising properties for a range of health conditions, in Schedule 1 away from the hands of researchers.

How the law against synthetic cannabinoids might destroy pharmaceutical discovery in the UK

4th January 2017

In an effort to curb the current wave of recreational synthetic cannabinoids, the Government have introduced new controls for a range of core chemical structures. These structures are also found in many pharmaceuticals and could stifle future pharmaceutical development

Better late than never? After 82 years the WHO reviews cannabis!

22nd December 2016

The WHO has commissioned a cannabis review before the Commission for Narcotic Drugs 2018 meeting. This will be first WHO cannabis review since 1935!

Psilocybin for anxiety and depression in cancer care? Lessons from the past and prospects for the future

1st December 2016

Two landmark studies have been published, showing a single psychedelic experience could produce profound and enduring mental health benefits. What does the future of psychedelic therapy hold?

I blame Fabric’s closure on this country’s backward drugs policy

13th September 2016

The recent deaths at Fabric were tragic, and more will follow them if we do not embrace receational drug harm reduction measures.

The poppers ban is a veiled attack on pleasure

21st March 2016

The UK needs common sense about ketamine

18th February 2015

The Superman pill deaths are the result of our illogical drugs policy

5th January 2015

Figures for UK deaths from legal highs cannot be trusted

14th March 2014

Death by cannabis?

31st January 2014

Help me in my ambition to be uncontroversial

6th November 2013

There's more than one way to skin a cat

3rd July 2013

Let’s get the War on Drugs out of our hospitals and laboratories

11th June 2013

Hypothesising an alternative: Applying the scientific process to drug policy

29th June 2012

Curiouser and curiouser: Could ecstasy actually heal brains as well as minds?

9th May 2011

Blair's other war

28th April 2011

Damming the flood: 21 principles to underpin a new approach to alcohol

22nd August 2010

Precaution or perversion: eight harms of the precautionary principle

23rd June 2010

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