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No laughing matter: how the anti-nitrous oxide campaign is a disingenuous waste of time and money

11th October 2017

Nitrous oxide returns to the news, providing an opportunity to discuss its harms and ask quite frankly: why are we wasting money on enforcing the ban when it kills fewer people than lightning strikes?

‘Scotch mist’: the ongoing saga of Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing

21st December 2016

Eric Carlin discusses the health benefits of Minimum Unit Pricing and the resistance faced from 'Big Alcohol'

Scheduling clash: revisiting ketamine (and legislation) harms

10th December 2013

There's more than one way to skin a cat

3rd July 2013

Popular intoxicants – how do alcohol and cannabis compare?

29th September 2011

Evidence based policy? Why banning mephedrone may not have reduced harms to users

19th September 2011

Damming the flood: 21 principles to underpin a new approach to alcohol

22nd August 2010

Precaution or perversion: eight harms of the precautionary principle

23rd June 2010

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