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A call for support from Prof. David Nutt

Our Community are our regular donors, who play a critical role in helping us achieve our mission. As a Community Member you will access opportunities to become more deeply engaged in our work through exclusive events, content, and access to our expert committee.

As a Founding Member you will sit next to our incredible Committee and Board of Trustees, world experts leading the front line in research and policy. You will join a dedicated community of academics, clinicians, practitioners, individuals with lived experience and members of the general public working together towards our vision - to see a world where drug policy is rational and evidence based; where drug use is better informed and drug users are understood; where drugs are used to heal not harm.

But do to do this, we need your help. Please consider becoming a:

Supporter (£5/month) - receive a signed copy of Prof. David Nutt's book, Drugs Without The Hot Air, access to webcasts and Q&As with our committee members on their latest groundbreaking research, and video recordings of private DrugScience events.

Community Member (£10/month) - Receive all the perks of being a supporter, plus free access to all DrugScience events all over the UK, and access to exclusive online content, like our upcoming film screening of Magic Medicine.

Founding Community Member (£20/month) - Receive all the perks of being a Community Member, plus invitations to our Committee Symposiums at which world experts discuss the latest drug policy issues of the day, like our Medicinal Cannabis Symposium, and also receive invitations to rountable discussions with our Chair, Prof David Nutt, and our committee.

Patron - Please enquire

Thank you for your support, it is critical to helping us continue in our mission to conduct and promote drug science, so that public knowledge can be based on objectivity, reason and evidence.

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