Innovation happens when diverse disciplines converge

From our multi-disciplinary scientific committee, through our team and board, our expertise spans research, policy, technology, management, finance and growth.

Photo; profile image David Badcock

David Badcock


David Badcock has held strategic positions in the substance misuse treatment sector for over 15 years. During this time he has met and worked with thousands of individuals who have turned their lives around to lead healthy, successful lives free from the burden of drug and alcohol addiction.

Photo; profile image Anna Rickman

Anna Rickman


Anna Rickman has held executive positions in the public sector, startups, social enterprises, and impact-driven venture capital. She brings this breadth of experience to helping social purpose organisations grow. She is passionate about the role of business and technology in addressing the most pressing issues in society, particularly in changing peoples relationships with their own mental health, and increasing access to the most effective interventions.

Photo; profile image Anne Schlag

Anne Schlag

Head of research

Dr Anne Katrin Schlag is Research Manager of DrugScience and Honorary Fellow at Imperial College London. She completed her graduate studies and PhD in Psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Following this, she worked as senior lecturer at King’s College London where she was also co-director of AQUAMAX, an EU-wide study investigating public and media perceptions of aquaculture. Her expertise ranges across the spectrum of science and policy making, including risk perception, risk management and risk communication, mental models and social representations.

Anne Katrin has a keen interest in the social, ethical and moral dimensions of national and international drug policies and related regulatory challenges. Her current research focuses on medical cannabis and on the application of the MCDA approach to drug regulation, together with Prof David Nutt and Prof Larry Phillips.

As a multidisciplinary body we pride ourselves in collaboration

Chloe Sakal

Project Twenty21 Director and Clinical Lead

Having gained a BSc in neuroscience, Dr Chloe Sakal went on to study medicine and qualify as a psychiatrist, working in a variety of community and inpatient settings with particular attention to substance misuse. She has a keen interest in the psychopharmacology and the potential for the therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs in treating a wide range of psychiatric disorders. She is a study doctor for the UKs first MDMA-assisted psychotherapy trial looking at the safety and tolerability of
its use in the treatment of alcoholism. Alongside this, she also campaigns for and provides progressive harm reduction strategies for recreational drug use, including work within drug testing services in Bristol and at festivals.

Oli Stevens

Communications Manager

Oli Stevens is a Research Manager at Imperial College London within the UNAIDS Reference Group for Estimates, Models and Projections. He previously completed postgraduate studies at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and has a Masters in Immunology and Virology from the University of Oxford. His central interests are international health and drug policies, HIV, harm reduction, and chemsex.

Pallab Seth

Managing editor Drug Science Journal

Dr Pallab Seth is currently Managing Editor for Drug Science, Policy and Law and Journal of Psychopharmacology with Prof David J Nutt (Editor-in-Chief) in the Division of Brain Sciences, Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College. He joined Imperial in 2006. He has Postdoctoral training in the laboratories of Professor Kenneth J Smith and Professor Sandra E File at King’s College London.